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Jin Stewart(non-registered)
I have worked with Monte on multiple occasions and he has always been a fun positive person to be around. I have always liked that about him. He is very charismatic and gets along with everyone and can connect with anyone. Monte goes beyond just being a photographer. I think that is the key to his success, beyond being very professional and great at his craft, he has a way with people. When you establish a relationship and connection with him it creates a safe environment that I believe makes for a better photo shoot.

As a Mr. World Canada 2014 and a male model I have done lots of photo shoots with a variety of different photographers but Monte has stood out to me. I found that with Monte I had complete freedom to create the ideas and visions I wanted to bring out and he would help guide me and add his expertise to elevate my ideas to something greater than I had imagined. Often people can become insecure when their photo is taken but Monte is able to make you feel safe in a nonjudgmental environment. I do believe that having the ability to connect to people and creating a safe secure space to have your photo taken leads to a much better photo shoot. That is what Monte is able to create. That is what Monte brings to photography which some photographers lack.

I understand that the market is flooded with people claiming to be photographers so choosing the right one can be difficult but hopefully this review makes it easier. I plan on remaining loyal to Monte Arnold for any future events in my profession and personal life when I want to hire a photographer. Beyond a professional relationship I want to remain friends with Monte outside of his photography because he is simply a great person.
Lisa Sever(non-registered)
Awesome...just awesome. Your a hard working photogrpaher & it shows. Keep up the great work!
Kerry Farquhar(non-registered)
Very nice quality camera for the action shots Monte, keep up the nice work.
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